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Common Model Messages


The error explanations.

Name Number Description
UNKNOWN_ERROR 1 Generic error.
UNSUPPORTED_MESSAGE 2 Message is not supported. Wrong message.
INVALID_REQUEST 3 Generic error. Usually used when input value is not correct.
TIMEOUT_ERROR 5 Deal execution is reached timeout and rejected.
ENTITY_NOT_FOUND 6 Generic error for requests by id.
CANT_ROUTE_REQUEST 7 Connection to Server is lost or not supported.
FRAME_TOO_LONG 8 Message is too large.
MARKET_CLOSED 9 Market is closed.
CONCURRENT_MODIFICATION 10 Order is blocked (e.g. under execution) and change cannot be applied.
BLOCKED_PAYLOAD_TYPE 11 Message is blocked by server.


The unique identifier of the request, response, or event command.

Name Number Description
PROTO_MESSAGE 5 common intensive
ERROR_RES 50 common commands
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